Sewing Rooms Inspiration Pt 1

Shalom Sisters MHNCB, Welcome back to my blog. I Hope your doing  well!

If your like me and sometimes might  run out of a little inspiration, this is what I do to give myself back that surge of sewing energy.

I love looking at pictures and videos of sewing rooms, I don’t know why but its something that just gives me that tingly feeling to start sewing if I get bored or discouraged. It happens sometimes after you’ve sewn for a while that you just loose inspiration but you must get it back!

So for me one of the ways I get back my sewing tingly feeling is just simply looking at sewing rooms, and sometimes I’ll be so inspired that I’ll actually go into my sewing space and redecorate/redesign my room. And with the web there are so many ways you can get inspired to design and decorate your sewing room!


This room is my all time favorite, I call it the Minimalist Design.

My favorite sewing rooms are the ones with the less ‘stuff’ in them. Minimalist.


I like how this one has so much light and then in the summer, Fresh Air!


I love how the washer and dryer are in the sewing room as they play a big part in the sewing/designing proccess.


This sewing room just has the bare essentials, Love it!

Below are some sewing rooms that are just Beautiful!

Ohh and don’t even get me started on Mimi G’s Studio/Closet. I just love it!! If you have not seen it check it out HERE

Here are also some of my favorite Youtubers/Sewers, Studios/Sewing Rooms!







Disclaimer: I own none of the pictures above they're just pictures I found on 
Google, If you own any of the pictures above you can contact me so I can  link 
the picture to your blog or website ;) Shalom.


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