D.I.Y Rain Barrel * EASY * – An Israelite’s Garden

Shalom Israel MHNCB!

Today I’m going to be showing you how to make a D.I.Y Rain Barrel *Easy*


D.I.Y Rain Barrel

D.I.Y Rain Barrel

I’m so happy to be sharing this with you Brothers and Sisters, one more step towards lowering that water bill! While it’s not so much on the cheap side at least it’s cheaper than the water bill eh.

So in order to make this rain barrel your going to need to buy a couple of things, and if you don’t already have the tools then you can borrow them from a brother or sister who could lend you a hand or you’ll have to buy them.

  1. A Barrel or a Trash Can (Clean and/or Unused): There’s so many variations to making a rain barrel that I just decided to go with a trash can because rain barrels are a lot on the expensive side unless you have one lying around that would be amazing. I bought a Rubbermaid 32 Gal. Trash Can for $29.97 @ Home Depot. I know pretty expensive but for the rain that I caught with this can is AMAZING! It was so worth it.
  2. A Bulk Head Union Neo Washer: You use this little guy for support to then attach the Drain valve. I used a 1/2″ bulkhead union neo washer. $13.99 @ Home Depot.
  3. Brass Boiler Drain Valve: This is basically the open and close switch to get the water out either by attaching a hose or just opening the valve and filling a watering can. Pretty self explanatory. I used a 1/2″ drain valve.$5.99 @ Home Depot.

  4. Window Screen: I used screen from an old window but you could buy a roll of screen at home depot for about $7.48 a roll. You use this to avoid bugs getting in and contaminating your water or fly’s laying larvae. Eeww!

  5. Little Rocks: I have a whole bunch of little rocks in my backyard. You use rocks again to avoid fly’s getting in, the rocks make it harder for the fly’s to get in thus you have fly free water. If they do manage to get through the rocks the screen will be there to stop them.
  6. Bricks: To raise your barrel off the ground, because if the barrel is directly on the ground you’ll start having a problem with disgusting insects, worms, and/or cienpies (I think their called centipedes in English) crawling out from under the barrel. I love gardening but I’m so grossed out at bugs and insects unless they’re a benefit to my plants. You’ll also want to raise the barrel so it can be easier to connect a water hose or to fill a watering can.
  7. A Drill, and a spade bit. I used a 1″ spade bit.
  8. Thread Seal Tape: for the bulk head washer and the drain valve.
  9. Gutters: Your going to place the barrel right under the gutter to collect all that amazing free water!
  10. Rain

Step 1:

Take your barrel or trash can and drill a hole 3″ from the bottom of the barrel.

D.I.Y Rain Barrel

D.I.Y Rain Barrel

D.I.Y Rain Barrel

D.I.Y Rain Barrel

Step 2.

Wrap thread seal tape around the Bulk Head Neo Washer and screw it in from the outside of the barrel then screw and tighten it in place on the inside with the inner screw (not pictured sorry), same goes for the drain valve wrap it with thread seal tape and then screw it into the opening of the bulk head neo washer,

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Step 3. Place your barrel under the gutter and get a ton of bricks and stack them up on top of each other high enough to have enough space to attach a hose and place a watering can underneath.

D.I.Y Rain Barrel

D.I.Y Rain Barrel

Step 4. Drill an opening on the lid of the barrel or you can also drill 1/2″ or 1″ holes on the top, and then place your screen on top. However you choose to lay the screen is up to you,

D.I.Y Rain Barrel

D.I.Y Rain Barrel

Step 5. Place your little rocks on top of your lid/screen until the lid is completely covered,


And Your Done!

Lastly and Most Importantly You need to wait for a rainy day. Or a Thunder Storm! 

I had to wait three days for rain, and when it rained it poured my rain barrel was full to the tippy top APTTMH!

It overflowed!


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Yes I did actually go outside in the thunderstorm to take pictures, I was so excited!

I’m so happy with my rain barrel, I can’t even explain how happy I am, anyways I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

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APTTMH I was able to make this rain barrel it’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time. Please brothers and sisters it’s time for us to become self-sufficient.

Take that first step.





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