D.I.Y Raised Bed – An Israelite’s Garden

Shalom Israel MHNCB!


I’m so excited to be writing this post, Gardening is a love my mom/teacher instilled in me as a little girl and looking back I couldn’t be more grateful to her All Praises!

So I’m going to be showing you around my garden in process and I stress ‘in process’ because I’m finally able to put it together from prayer and paper to actually in my backyard. All Praises To The Most High!

In the first part of my garden I’m going to be showing you my raised bed which is crucial in my garden because the conditions my soil is in is horrible, so I built a raised bed frame.

So the whole family got together to make this Box;

  • The Most High Blessed Us, And made all this possible and much much more.
  • My lord got the skids, the tools, and the dirt, and more.
  • My mom gave me the idea for the raised bed (Years ago), and tons of other important things which I can’t remember at the moment.
  • I got the garbage bags, seeds/flowers, and garden hoses etc, etc…
  • My Siblings helped with putting in some good elbow grease & more.

We all helped each other. Even the animals,



(Please excuse the absence of some picture/examples but I will be making this box again, so next time I’ll definitely show you how to make it step by step)

But anyways, I got the idea of a raised bed from my mom so I looked on You Tube to get some ideas and examples and saw The Crafty Gemini’s tutorial on how to make a raised bed under $15. Which her tutorial I believe is the easiest way to make a raised bed. Thanks Crafty Gemini! If you want to check out her tutorial on how to make a raised bed which I recommend I’ll link it Here. So basically I used her tutorial but I just played around with the length, and the materials instead of getting wood from the hardware store I just asked my lord to get me some skids.

And this is what I got to work with,

Raised Bed - D.I.Y Skids

I  used a jigsaw to slice down the sides, I tried to take the skids apart by removing the nails but I wasn’t really going anywhere. This wood was so tough.

So after I took apart some skids this is what I was left with,

Planks of wood taken from skids

I didn’t know how but I had to make a raised bed with these pieces of wood,

so I wanted to make the box 8’× 4′. Obviously these planks of wood were not 8 ft long nor 4 ft wide so I had to improvise.

What I did was take two planks of wood and connect them together and cut off anything longer than the width and length and then I connected them with a separate plank of wood.

Now I cut the separate plank of wood 12″ (1 ft)

Planks of wood taken from skids

And then I measured 3″ from the edge of each plank seam and laid my 12 ft piece on top of my impromptu plank and drilled it in place.

Raised Beds Planks of wood D.I.Y Skids

I wanted my raised bed to be 6 in tall so I placed another set of improptu planks on top of those planks to make it taller,(I hope I didn’t confuse you) then I drilled them in place with another separate plank (which are the ones you see sticking out on the sides in the picture below) I didn’t cut those pieces that where sticking out because i’m going to use those to anchor the raised bed into the ground.

Once I was done making impromptu planks, this is what I then had to make a box. Note: I do have a top piece up there but I didn’t get it in this picture. I do have 4 sides though.

Raised Beds Planks of wood D.I.Y SkidsSo if you’ve seen The Crafty Gemini’s tutorial you would know what I’m doing here.Raised Bed D.I.Y out of plank of woodI’m basically screwing on a thicker piece of wood on to my planks so that when I screw it all together it will be strong enough to hold together.

Raised Bed D.I.Y out of plank of wood

So after screwing it all together this is my finished product ain’t she a beauty!

Next I placed the box where I planned to put it and I ‘traced’ around it with a garden hoe mattock,

D.I.Y Raised Bed out of Skids

(Optional) I then moved the frame out and dug 5-6″ into the ground to keep the frame sturdy in place.

D.I.Y Raised Bed out of Skids

Once the digging was finished I cut down the sides of black garbage bags and placed them on the ground (not pictured sorry), I held the bags in place with rocks (remove the rocks when you finish placing the frame.) Then I laid my frame in place.

D.I.Y Raised Bed out of Skids

And of course your going to fill it with a truck load of dirt or bags of dirt which ever is cheaper/better for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(My Lord & Sister helping me fill the raised bed with dirt)

After we filled the bed with dirt I measured 12″ along the Length and Width of the box. Putting a dot every 12 inches,

Then we leveled out the dirt and hammered nails on each marked dot,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then I used pastele thread (or you can use Twine or Rope) to make a grid wrapping & tying the thread around each nail, make sure to hammer down completely each nail to avoid getting scratched or hurt later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And Your Done! Woo hoo Another Step Towards             Self-Sufficiency 

I love raised beds because,

  1. they are so cute,
  2. organized
  3. it keeps your veggies clean with animals out of the vegtables, like my pets
  4. it’s easy to manage one spot of your backyard

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why there are flowers on each corner of the raised bed those flowers are marigolds, and that’s because I decided that for my garden I wanted to do companion planting to minimize the use of pesticides. But I’ll leave that for another post where I’ll share my garden layout (which changes each season) and explain more in detail what companion planting is and how to use it to layout your veggies, herbs & more.

Shalom Until Next Time, MHNCB






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