Misconceptions about sewing.

Shalom Ladies MHNCB,

So as a seamstress wanting to share everything I know about sewing I decided to write random posts for you ladies so that you to can learn the art of sewing along with me.

We’ll go over the basics of the basics, and the tip and tricks of the ‘pros’.

So you’ve decided you want to sew but you don’t really know what sewing’s all about, Or you really need to sew on your fringes and have no idea where to start. Or you might think it’s so easy you can learn “Finger Snap” like that. Well I’m here not to scare you away  but to give you the 101 on sewing.

Here are some things you need to know;

  1. Sewing can be a business or a hobby. For some the idea of turning their hobby into a business can be daunting and for others it’s their passion to sew for others or for profit.
  2. It’s never to late to learn how to sew. If you didn’t learn to sew when you where young you can still learn no matter how old you are.
  3. Learning to Sew can be expensive, cheap, or free! You can make sewing as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. Depending on the fabric and other materials sewing is up to you and you can make it what you want it to be.
  4. You don’t need an expensive high-tech sewing machine to sew. If you don’t have a sewing machine and are planning to buy one, you don’t need an expensive machine just a basic machine can do almost everything you need as a beginner and even a professional sewer.
  5. You don’t need a whole bunch of supplies and gadgets to sew. You may watch a lot of videos and tutorials with seamstresses and tailors using all those cool gadgets that you don’t know the name to. Like tailors ham or clapper, yardstick compass, yatta yatta yatta. It is nice to play with all those gadgets. And sometimes they may make sewing easier or even complicated. But let me tell you, you don’t need all those things to sew you just need the basics which is really what every seamstress or tailor needs. The basics!
  6. Sometimes you might not want or need a sewing machine. You can sew by hand which is slower but it can be done and there’s so many things that a sewing machine can’t do which is where hand sewing comes in. Although sewing will be a whole lot quicker with a sewing machine. Now I’m not saying don’t buy a sewing machine but it’s really a personal preference. Hand sew or Machine sew.
  7. Almost everybody sews (or has to anyways) Whether it’s a tear in their clothes, or a rip in their sweater, they need to hem their jeans, a button popped off,  their clothes don’t fit right, they need their fringes/blue border sewn on, their clothes don’t fit right, or some other reason. (People need sewing in their life one way or another) 😉
  8. Once you know how to sew, people will come knocking at your door for something. Yep I get this all the time, people will come asking me to alter their clothes or sew on fringes/blue border etc.. while some people find it annoying, I find it’s a good way to keep my skills sharp. Cause you never know what the person might need, it’s always something different to work and grow on.
  9. Sewing is something that gets better over time, like wine. Simple as that. You need to constantly well not constantly but often make sure your skills are not being forgotten and be sure to fine tune them. Have a journal handy and take notes while your sewing and working on a project. This is not something you’ll learn overnight. You need to Practice. Poke yourself by mistake and Practice some more. Now it’s not going to take forever to get real good at sewing but it does take time. Don’t worry you’ll be a Pro in no time. (Well some time) But in no time.
  10. Sewing is about expressing yourself. It’s an amazing feeling you get every time you finish your last stitch, and what you just made can be stylishly worn or used by your self or another person. I can’t explain the pain and suffering and headaches and (you get the point) every seamstress goes through when sewing, but when your finished it’s like something amazing happens to that pile of fabric. All that pain you went through just disappears (sometimes) and you forget all the times you poked and stabbed your fingers, or burned your self with that iron, or when your where cutting your fabric with your Rotary Cutter and almost sliced your finger off. I’m making this kinda traumatizing ain’t I. Any ways the finished product is like the best part of sewing because then you can show it off to everybody, and you feel so proud of yourself. Then start on another project. The cycle continues….
  11. Sewing is an Israelite woman’s best friend. Sisters you know we have ample curves cough, cough  and to find modest clothing to suit our shapely figure is not easy to find. It’ll fit in one area but not the other. Sewing is the best way to beat around the bush and avoid going to 20 stores and buying nothing because nothing fits you  Ooohh the struggle. Wearing something you’ve sewn for yourself that’s comfortable and actually fits you is amazing.


Shalom Ladies MHNCB!


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