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On August 21, 1831, Nat Turner led a slave revolt that resulted in the deaths of 55 to 65 white people. In retaliation, enraged white militias and mobs killed more than 200 black people in the course of putting down the rebellion.

In the aftermath, the state quickly arrested and executed 57 blacks accused of being part of Turner’s slave rebellion. Turner hid successfully for two months. When found, he was quickly tried, convicted, sentenced to death, hanged, beheaded and quartered.

Turner led a group of slaves carrying farm implements in a rebellion against slavery. As they went from plantation to plantation they gathered horses and guns, freed other slaves along the way, and recruited other blacks that wanted to join their revolt.

Today within the past 30 years, inside the United States of America, under the Board of Education, particularly in New York City, There is evidence of, “The Story of Nat Turner” being taught to the students as an inaccurate, more romanticized version or “story” of the actual events surrounding the experiences that influenced the “radical thinking” and eventual “raging episodes” of Nat Turner. These popular versions, or stories, have produced in many of the minds of “conscious thinking people”, to assert that the more recent depiction of, “The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade”, which is now reduced to the more romanced-renaming of,” The Trans-Atlantic Migration”, and that this recent depiction is due to the “romanticizing” of the realities of the true “saga” of the Slavery experience.

The Holy Bible speaks about the importance of “Vision”. Nat Turner would actually read the Holy Bible to the other “slaves”. He would focus on biblical accounts of victories won by the Children of Israel, against their oppressors. Nat Turner would use such passages from the Bible as “fuel for insurrection” against his captors. This is where “Vision” was the focal point of the “Nat Turner Rage”.

Well today, well after the subsequent capture and “mock-trial” and death of Nat Turner, you have in these times, many “leaders” who are descendants from the same slave that came through the era of Nat Turner, they seem now to be “grabbing at straws” …seeking a solution to rid the captives from the American captors. However, what’s so important to notice in today’s captivity is the WAY that this same system of slavery is changed, but yet the System in its original design and function, is STILL carried out.

It is carried out Mentally, and Spiritually.

During the era of Nat Turner, and days of chattel / physical slavery, the associated atrocities and effects were so absolutely more apparent. The “violent”, raging ways to overthrow such a system then would, at that time be deemed as an absolute necessity befitting of a type of physical war rebellion. In other words, “an eye, for an eye,” and “a foot for a foot”. It would not take too much mental muscle to execute that,… although the actual execution of even that type of plan in essence would be much more complex. Nevertheless, it in history, it would be executed by Nat Turner in particular, because he saw that the results of NOT striking a blow for freedom from their oppressors would spell-out the immediate atrocious reality of what was plainly seen in the everyday life of the slave in bondage.

But today, in these recent times, the atrocities and their root causes are NOT so apparent. Why? Because they are buried underneath layers of understanding, layers of whitewashed history, and secret councils, that hide their origin. Deceptive complexities, and convolutions have been introduced into the saga of the American Slavery System, as well as its seemingly oblivious understanding of this same system.

So now you have today, the descendants groping around looking for solutions,…looking in all of the wrong places, The “leaders” of this same people are for the most part are like the blind in a dark room, searching for the light switch, which is NOT the right light switch, that will show that it is in fact “Noon

The Bible speaks, “…As he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”
“Thinking” is a process that takes place in the mind, within the spirit of people who make the effort to examine the elements of their reality, and then “imagine” a “vision” which organizes the elements of their reality into a foreseeable and workable plan that brings about a solution to a given situation.



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I.U.I.C. Watch and Read is a page dedicated to serving our youth with true biblical imagery and bible stories. Our youth have been mislead by mainstream media and the mass perversion of the scriptures by so called “Christianity”. Israel United in Christ is at the forefront of the battle that has been waged against our Nation, Defending our People with what is needful for Salvation, which is keeping GOD’s Commandments and faith in his Son as the Israelites, which consist of so called Blacks, Hispanics, and Native American’s scattered throughout the four corners of the earth, who experienced the curses listed in Deuteronomy the 28th Chapter. Israel United In Christ Watch and Read will help restore our Hidden History to our Children, and tear down false ideologies and imagery against the Biblical Israelite.

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Judavisions Comic Vol. 1 ( Pre-Order )

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Nava Dolls

By Nava Israel:

Hand Made Dolls For The Little Princesses of Israel!!!





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