Sewing Machine Anatomy

Shalom MHNCB, In today's post we'll be discussing:¬†Sewing Machine Anatomy. Now before you start sewing it's important that you at least know what parts are where on your machine. Maybe not all the knitty gritty parts and weird words but the parts that your actually going need to know in order to use your sewing … Continue reading Sewing Machine Anatomy

Thread 101

Shalom MHNCB, In today I'll be talking about... Thread 101 When starting a sewing project you always have to set up your sewing machine, and in doing so you have to thread your machine right. But what thread do you use? Thread is something you don't really put much thought into you just put some … Continue reading Thread 101

The Basic Sewing Kit

Shalom Israel MHNCB In this post we are going to go over the basic sewing tools that you will need to get for your basic sewing kit. Let's Begin! Fabric Scissors Paper Scissors;¬†which ever brand you choose to go with is up to you and your pocket as fabric scissors tend to be on the … Continue reading The Basic Sewing Kit

Misconceptions about sewing.

Shalom Ladies MHNCB, So as a seamstress wanting to share everything I know about sewing I decided to write random posts for you ladies so that you to can learn the art of sewing along with me. We'll go over the basics of the basics, and the tip and tricks of the 'pros'. So you've … Continue reading Misconceptions about sewing.